CBD Hemp oil. Amazing health benefits! What can it do for you?

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Summer Blessings to everyone! We at Lighthouse Massage and Wellness hope you had a relaxing summer.

To celebrate the vitality alive in this season, let’s invigorate our own bodies!

What’s the best way to reach ultimate wellness and balance in mind/body and spirit?

It might just be CBD!

What do you know about hemp oil?

Did you know that it’s highly anti-inflammatory, facilitates homeostasis in every bodily system, and cultivates peace, clarity and focus in the mind? The medical community is increasingly finding it to be the panacea.

Recently, we at Lighthouse Massage and Wellness and Kitty Kt Wax Studio discovered the worlds’ most effective and bioavailable hemp oil. And since we’ve begun incorporating this CBD into the practice, our clients are seeing truly amazing results.

People with sensitive digestive systems are experiencing relief for the first time in years.

Those with difficulty sleeping are finally able to rest.

Our clients with muscle soreness and joint pain have reported more ease in their bodies.

Women with painful cycles have found relief.

And so so much more.

In witnessing these shifts, we’ve become so excited to share this far and wide, to bring this blessing into more peoples’ lives.

To find out what CBD may be able to do for you, we recommend exploring www.projectcbd.org or www.pubmed.gov

Additionally, my business partner will be hosting a private, invitation-only conference call on Monday, July 3rd at 6 pm where we will dive deep into the benefits of this incredible oil, and into the unique opportunity available.

Dial this number 

(319) 527-2717,,,378414#

Join us live or catch the recording afterward to find out how this incredible hemp oil may help you unlock greater levels of health freedom (or even wealth freedom!) in your life.

Let us help you thrive!